Maltese FAQ

General questions regarding the Maltese dog.

How long will my Maltese live?

Your Maltese will most likely live until his teens and should remain his same playful self most of those years.

I am allergic to dogs.  Is the Maltese breed for me?

Yes, Maltese are hypoallergenic.  The Maltese coat resembles human hair and people normally allergic to other breeds of dogs and cats can usually get along just fine with a Maltese.

Do Maltese shed their coats?

Maltese do not shed seasonally like other dogs but because of their long coats they do require grooming more often.

What are characteristics of the Maltese?

Friendly, fearless, loyal and elegant.

I have small children, is the Maltese for me?

Maltese have a delicate bone structure and may not be suitable for very young children.

Will my cat and my new Maltese get along?

Yes, but precautions should be taken as cats may choose to use their claws in play which can cause damage to the eyes of the Maltese.

How about with other dogs?

Maltese will often have no fear in the presence of a larger dog, but care should be taken as a larger dog may not show the same affection.

How should I prepare for my new Maltese?

You should have water and food dishes(preferably stainless steel or ceramic), toys, a leash and collar, a crate and bedding.

What should I use to clean up “accidents”?

Preferably an enzyme based odor eliminator.

Should I punish my Maltese for these “accidents”?

You should never scream, spank or rub their nose in the mess.  Failures in proper house training are human mistakes, not your dogs.

How do I begin house training?

Begin with a schedule.  Take your Maltese outside before bed and first thing in the morning, also after naps and meals.  You should praise your puppy after they “go potty”.

How should I protect my new Maltese?

Remove cleaners, perfumes, bones, electrical cords, medication, pesticides, rat poisons, fertilizers and chocolate from the reach of your Maltese.

Is there anything I should know that is not obvious?

Yes, some houseplants like Ivy, Poinsettias and Oleander can be dangerous to your dog.

My puppy continues to chew on everything else.  What will help him stop?

Spraying bitter apple available at your local pet store to items such as chair legs, moldings and walls will help deter your Maltese.

When should I first take my puppy to the vet?

A complete checkup should be scheduled within the first 72 hours of your purchase.

What should I do to identify my dog?

The best identification is a simple ID tag for the collar, including name, address and phone number.  Other methods of identification include tattoos and microchips.


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